Working Together to Change the World

We are committed to making a significant impact on society and communities by developing a powerful network of businesses and non-profit organisations that will collaborate to create change and help solve the problems that really matter.

Passion, Energy and Ambition for Change

The Collaboratory was founded with the concept that we can take all the incredible skills, expertise and resources that the commercial sector use to make profits and utilise them with real purpsoe to help make change.

Through the power of collaboration, thought leadership and innovation, we are determined to take on a wide range of issues in communities, countries and globally.

This is more than organisations simply donating funds to relief efforts or charitable causes, this is about making a greater impact by providing the skills and services of their people to solve the problems that matter!

A Win-Win for Both Not For Profits and Businesses

Collaborating for a greater impact!

Combining the strengths that corporate organisations have in terms of resources with the challenges faced by not for profits creates a sustainable bond between the two sides.

The crossover allows companies to give back through high impact volunteer efforts, while the not for profits receive the help they desperately need to tackle the problems they are facing. This ensures an effective and efficient solution to corporate responsibility initiatives, as employees are able to offer the skills their charity partners need to progress in their mission!

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