The Issue

From the death of George Floyd to microaggressions, the painful reality of race inequality has been laid bare in recent years. For employees across the UK, the issues involved can stir strong emotions and have a deep mental impact. If organisations are serious about achieving race equality they need to acknowledge and understand these reactions so they can provide support and take action where necessary. The Tea Break is a way of opening up brave discussions that educate and spark meaningful change.

The Impact

• At a recent event attended by over 100 organisations where Network Rail and Cultural Fusion shared the concept, feedback indicated that 71% would be keen to implement the Tea Break.

• Since the launch of the Tea Break, over 600 organisations have downloaded the Tea Break guide, potentially opening up courageous conversations with over a million employees.

• A recent Tea Break workshop with over 150 organisations revealed that:


would rate the Tea Break as more effective than other D&I initiatives.


believe the Tea Break would help tackle race inequality in their organisation.


believe the Tea Break would facilitate uncomfortable but necessary conversations about race inequality.

The Objective

The Tea Break aims to drive meaningful progress on race inequality by bringing issues to the fore. Unless leaders are aware of the specific problems within their organisation, they can’t take appropriate action.

The BIG Idea

The Tea Break is a one-hour facilitated online discussion that can be about any race equality issue. The topic can be anything from white privilege or use of language to a news-related subject, such as the racist abuse of England footballers during the 2022 World Cup. Held on a platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, participants can choose to remain anonymous, listen to others or play an active role in the conversation. This means individuals are free to express their thoughts in a safe space where they can speak honestly.

In short, the Tea Break:

Opens up organisation-wide themed discussion
The Tea Break is a live temperature check. An opportunity to create a dialogue and hear a diverse range of thoughts on issues that matter the most regarding race inequality.

Enables courageous conversations
As the structure creates a safe space, people will feel empowered to speak up openly. Often surveys and focus groups do not enable the true depth of thoughts and feelings to come to the surface.

Helps leaders to act on what they hear
The honest voice and feelings of colleagues will be clear and this enables organisations to take action to tackle race inequality specifically for its employees.

Ready for the Tea Break?

It’s a solution that’s proven to be effective – plus it’s completely free and comes with a ready-made support network. If you need further persuasion, consider the words of Carol Elderman, who has deployed the Tea Break at her organisation, Amey.

“The Tea Break is just what we need. I believe that if this had existed previously then many organisations would have made significantly more progress in their efforts to tackle race equality.”

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