The Issue

More women are graduating from University than men, yet only 19.8% of executive committee members in the FTSE350 are women. Girl guides discovered that the issue isn’t about laws or rights but about perception: 64% of young women aged 17-21 believed that all being equal, employers preferred to hire a man over a woman.

The impact of She Can Be

Girl Guiding and The Collaboratory created She Can Be, leading to 150 young women making statements such as 'I can be an FTSE100 Chief Executive.' and 'I can be Prime Minister.'.

2 out of 3

young women feel a career in London is not just for boys.
(Up from 1 out of 3)


of women feel empowered to make decisions about their career (Up for 59% before)


of employers involved wanted to be involved the next year

The Objective

To change negative perceptions of women from employers and open up a female talent pipeline capable of smashing the glass ceiling.

The BIG Idea

A two part career day designed to change inward beliefs and outward perceptions of women working in London.

Girl guiding needed to change young women’s self-limiting beliefs and open up opportunities for them in business. In the first part of the career day, young women visited real businesses and met role models.

London businesses and influential figures, including the then Lord Mayor of London, Dame Catherine Fiona Woolf, gave inspirational and educational talks on careers and business in the afternoon.

As a result, 150 young women experienced life in London, changed their beliefs, and were offered apprenticeships by businesses that would not have thought to engage young women before.

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