Speed Pitching

Get your ideas or solutions in front of a target audience who can help take it to the next level

A marketplace with purpose

”In just 2 hours we discovered a number of interventions that we could explore to support our staff and their mental health – it made such a difference ” 


The Collaboratory presents a unique opportunity for not for profits to pitch bite sized presentations to a range of commercial organisations that have a focus or interest in specific issues and causes.

Based on a speed networking concept, in just a couple of hours, commercial organisation will come away with several opportunities that they may be interested in collaborating on.

Often a solution to tackle a key issue may already be in development by a not-for-profit. However, it may require additional support to take it to the next level. This is where the potential collaborators from the commercial sector can support, including

1. critiquing solutions
2. additional personnel resource or expertise
3. partnering
4. channels to roll out or reach a wider audience
5. funding

The Collaboratory will create the opportunities and environment to make this possible.

In principle- depending on the solutions or what is presented, the commercial companies have indicated they would consider exploring further the opportunity to collaborate with the not-for-profit.

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