Solutions Collaboratory

Pulling together a team of experts tackling a key challenge.

”It really works -The collaboration to tackle the stigma of mental health has achieved a remarkable movement of change” 


We know that diversity of thought and new ways of thinking can solve what may have been deemed unsolvable.

The Solution Collaboratory is where we identify and bring together a bespoke team of experts and organisations from the commercial world to help tackle a key issue or challenge that an expert not for profit is looking to tackle.

This will be addressed in an innovation lab setting. Each Solution Collaboratory will be unique but a typical process will include:

1. The not for profit presents the problem, including insights
2. The not-for-profit share what has been or are the barriers and challenges
3. The Collaboratory will convene a bespoke dream team of experts and organisations from the commercial sector to help address the specific problem posed
4. The Collaboratory, the not for profit and the experts will co-create potential solutions
5. The not for profit considers the options and capability to deliver*
6. Testing, reviewing refining and adapting

*Note the delivery may be possible by the not for profit on its own or it may require several organsitions or stakeholders to be part of the deliver- see success stories for examples

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