The Issue

Racism has become an inevitable part of everyday life. In the UK, inequality results in people of colour having shorter life spans, fewer job prospects, and a life of unfair oppression. Despite changes in the law, it’s become normal for 75% of ethnic minorities to experience racism in the workplace. We believe only talking about race has had its day. #ActionNotJustWords

The impact of Race Equality Week


organisations took part in year 2


Would recommend Race Equality Week to other organisations


Said Race Equality Week will have an impact on race inequality in their organisation

The Objective

To use workplace conversations to change how individuals on a mass scale think about structural and everyday racism.

The BIG Idea

A week when organisations across the country unite in activities to seriously address race in the workplace.

Race Equality Week came from Race Equality Matters, a partnership between The Collaboratory and diversity consultants, Green Park. The annual event gives organisations 5 ways to actively change how individuals think and behave at work; #MyNameIs, Safe Space, The Big Promise, and Tea Break. 

Now in its third year, 2022, Race Equality Week engaged over 3,500 organisations in tackling racism and implementing lasting changes to their business.

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