Race Equality Matters was formed in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement to turn declarations of commitment and support from organisations and individuals into meaningful change in racial equality both in the workforce & in society.

A not for profit community interest company, Race Equality Matters is founded by Green Park and The Collaboratory in collaboration with a cohort of minority-owned organisations with a passion for diversity, inclusion & equality and with a track record in moving the dial.

We are proud to be supported by many different sponsors including our Lifetime Visionary Partner; BT.

Race Equality Week

Race Equality Week is an annual UK-wide movement uniting thousands of organisations and individuals to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace.

The events of 2020, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority communities, has heightened public consciousness of race inequality.

Now there is a need to galvanise and maximise impact through a nationwide collaboration for real change.

This year’s theme was #ActionNotJustWords.

“Commitment is not measured by words, it is measured by outcomes and actions”

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Race Equality Matters #MyNameIs, is a simple but highly impactful solution to ensure everyone pronounces people’s names correctly.

We have seen the positive impact on inclusivity with the addition of pronouns and we have an opportunity to build on this.

The Campaign calls to normalise phonetic spelling in your email signature, meetings, name badges and more. Discover your phonetic name with the Fuh-Net-Ic Tool and download the Guide for 7 tips for implementing this campaign in your organisation.


A powerful yet easy-to-use tool that allows people to get the phonetic spelling of their name and share it on social media with a fun and engaging piece of content. Simply go to the my-name-is.io website and then type your name to get a phonetic translation with the #MyNameIs hashtag. There’s also an option to upload a photo.

Once this is done, the image can be downloaded, shared on social media or dropped into email signatures, business cards or any other place where people will see your name.

Use the Fuh-Net-Ic Filter now. 


Find out more about #mynameis

Tea Break

The Tea Break provides the framework and opportunity for an organisation to hear the honest voice and feelings of its colleagues about race inequality.

All employees are invited to a one-hour themed, online discussion about an issue that matters. Typically, through Zoom or Teams platforms, individuals can remain anonymous, listen to others or actively participate – it’s freedom of choice.

This initiative was developed through the Solutions Collaboratory™ in collaboration with Network Rail and its staff network, Cultural Fusion, Mental Health First Aid England and those with lived experience from other organisations.

The Tea Break methodology enables courageous conversations. Evidence shows that within the hour, what colleagues are thinking and how they are feeling will become apparent. This gives the organisation and its senior management insights and the opportunity to address concerns and issues that are being shared.

The methodology will clearly enable an organisation to show it is moving from words to meaningful action.

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Safe Space

Safe Space will provide a protected environment to enable brave conversations, which may otherwise be avoided as too uncomfortable, in order to generate action-focussed, meaningful and tailored outcomes, driven by the people they matter to.

Supported by our Race Equality Network, Safe Space will help you achieve facilitated meaningful dialogue between ethnic minority employees and their senior leaders and/or board members, whom must be willing to make a commitment and take action to address some of the key issues raised.

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