Creating solutions to the problems that really matter

"Our partnership with Diabetes UK has been our most successful charity partnership ever, and the money raised will make a huge difference to millions of people living with diabetes as well as many more who are at risk of developing it'' (Josh Hardie, CR Director, Tesco)

The Collaboratory is creating a new vision where we create collaborations between not for profits and commercial organisations to help tackle the issues that really matter. Never has there been a need for this new way of working and thinking since the impact of COVID-19 

With the traditional manner of running a non-profit becoming more unsustainable than ever before, it is time to turn to innovative and creative means to receive access to the necessary resources required to help you achieve your vision.

We will provide not for profits with a brave and innovative new way of creating solutions to its and society’s biggest issues.

There are 3 key ways you can choose to benefit

Creating your Dream Team

As the challenges for community and charities continue to grow, we pride ourselves on having convened a consortium of organisations and pool of experts that are passionate about and want to help change the world and work with your organisation to tackle its BIG challenges

A lack of funding and resources has made it harder than ever to achieve social change and meet the needs of those who need it the most, hence the need for the Collaboratory and a new way of working.

With access to The Collaboratory’s incredible network of specialists and experts from the commercial world, you can fulfil your greatest ambitions and tackle your key challenges.

Thinking Big to Make Big Changes

Until now, all partnerships between businesses and charities have typically revolved around donations, fundraising and general volunteering.

The Collaboratory has a new and exciting vision for merging the two worlds to a greater effect.
We will be bringing to the table some of the best and brightest people from the commercial and not for profit sectors to be creating solutions and tackling issues that make a greater difference.

Would access to any of the following make a difference?

These are some of the key skill sets that we can bring to the table dedicated to making your mission a reality.

Business Development InnovationPR & CommsSales
Crisis ManagementLearning & DevlopmentProblem SolvingSocial Media
Design ThinkingMarketingProcurementSponsorship
DigitalMentoringProject ManagementStrategy
ICTNegotiationRecruitment & Development

A Formula for Endless Possibilities

Take a local or global problem + Expert skillsets + The Collaboratory methodology = Creating solutions that make a real impact


We know that you have a mission to change the world. Now let’s work together to make it happen!

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