The Issue

Your name is your identity. Mispronouncing someone’s name can leave them feeling ashamed and ostracised. Some go as far as picking a second ‘normal-sounding’ name. We need to make it so that no one is ashamed of a name that represents their heritage and identity. 

The impact of #MyNameIs


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The Objective

To celebrate cultural names by normalising phonetic name spellings in everyday life and the workplace.

The BIG Idea

A social media movement where everyone can share and celebrate the phonetic spelling of their name.

We built the’ Fuh-Net-Ic Filter’ with Edelman as our pro-bono tech partner. This tool allows people to get the phonetic spelling of their name and share it on social media through a fun and engaging piece of content.  

50,000 people shared and celebrated the phonetic spelling of their name on social media using the #MyNameIs as part of Race Equality Week.

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