Connecting the Commercial World with Not for Profits

Many commercial organisations have a ready made pool of amazing talent and expertise that not for profits simply cannot afford or get access to.

With specialists ranging from communications and marketing experts to product designers and data analysts, private companies have incredible people.

Through creating ground breaking collaborations, these skills can instantly benefit not-for-profits in tackling their key issues and challenges.

That is why The Collaboratory is dedicated to merging the two worlds. By bridging the gap between businesses and non-profits, we aim to utilise the skills of experienced and professional workers to help empower not for profits to make a greater difference.

We will also be looking to create collaborations across the commercial sector to further help accelerate change.

The Catalyst for Social Innovation

We provide a bespoke platform dedicated to bringing together the wealth of expertise found in the corporate sector with charities that are looking to tackle disadvantage and inequality in local communities and beyond.

We don’t shy away from tackling the biggest challenges that charities and communities take on. Instead, we use a simple formula that provides them with the resources they require to develop long-term changes that benefit society.

Take a local or global problem + Expert skillsets + The Collaboratory methodology = Creating solutions that make a real impact

From small changes that can empower a community to revolutionary ideas that will build a massive movement of change, we strive to do it all. Invention, innovation and ingenuity in the non-profit sector is what we believe in.

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