The Issue

To address the negative impact of mental health and wellbeing being stigmatised and millions of people struggling and suffering in silence

The impact of The Green Ribbon Campaign

"Absolutely incredible- Of all the many diversity campaigns we have run, this has by far had the most impact'' (Diversity Lead -Global Law Firm)

Reducing the stigma

More than 300 organisations

Talk without Fear

Reaching more than 1 million people

Dispel Myths

Award winning and Recognised in a white paper

The Objective

To get one million people talking about mental health, to break down barriers and to encourage people to seek help, and to save lives

The BIG Idea

During 2017 mental health awareness week, we piloted the Green Ribbon Campaign.

In just 6 weeks , more than 160 organisation and 70,000 employees proudly sported the green ribbon, demonstrating their commitment to helping tackle the stigma and showing people experiencing a mental health problem that they are not alone.

In 2018, just a year later, more than 300 organsitions took part, with 200,000 green ribbons being worn, reaching 1 million people. And in 2019 they were worn in more than 100 cities and town across the world.

Proud wearers included the Prime Minister, The Mayors of London and Greater Manchester and the Lord Mayors of the City of London

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