A Fresh Look on Socially Responsible Business

“The Collaboratory adopts a "Convene, Collaborate, Create" approach to make progress on important social issues.
Javed Thomas is an experienced facilitator helping a diverse set of collaborators to create new solutions and tools.
The Power of Inclusion programme which I began as Lord Mayor of London owes a lot to him. ''
(Dame Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London 2013-14)

The Collaboratory is creating a new vision for the way that corporations give back. This is one where we help you get involved and engaged with community organisations to help tackle the issues that really matter to your business, your workers
and your communities.

There are 3 key ways to make a difference

Can your organisation make a greater difference?

Financial contributions and general volunteering that corporations offer are always valued, but we believe there is a more effective way for your corporate social responsibility to make a greater difference.

The Collaboratory is building a powerful network and movement that merges the special talents from the commercial world with the visions of charities, developing unstoppable collaborations to tackle the issues that really matter.

Your organisation can provide the vital resources, thinking and solutions that will make this critical difference!

Whether looking to address mental health in the workplace, employability barriers and skills shortage, family carers having to give up their careers or children from disadvantaged backgrounds not being given a chance for a future, by being part of The Collaboratory you will be helping to create the solutions.

Become a Pioneer tackling the issues that matter

By joining The Collaboratory, you can become one of the first commercial organisations to join a new wave of “socially responsible business”.

You will be a key element to bridging the gap between the commercial and not for profit sectors by offering experts in a variety of areas. This can lead to exciting community initiatives that create inspirational change in our society that will help create equality, improve lives and end suffering.

You will be helping to create the solutions

You show both the community and your employees that your organisation is a progressive, forward-thinking one with purpose and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

Advancing Change, Developing your People

By getting your people involved in social change, not only offers them an additional sense of fulfilment and meaning whilst working for your organisation, but it helps them develop and advance their skillsets in unique new settings.

Your people will be connected with experts from various other organisations (commercial and not for profits) to collaborate with each other. They will play an important role in a dynamic team setting to make significant changes in the community, society and across the globe.

Can your organistion help with any of the following?

These are just some of the skill sets that will be a key element in helping to create the solutions that the not for profits are looking for

Business DevelopmentInnovationPR & comms Research & Insight
Crisis ManagementLearning & DevelopmentProblem SolvingSales
Design ThinkingMarketingProcurementService Design
DigitalMentoringProject ManagementSocial Media
ICTNegotiationRecruitment & Development Sponsorship

A Formula for Endless Possibilities

Take a local or global problem + Expert skillsets + The Collaboratory methodology = Creating solutions that make a real impact


We know that you have a mission to change the world. Now let’s work together to make it happen!

Want to find out more?

With so many incredible benefits to becoming a member of The Collaboratory , the time is now for you to contact us and get involved!

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