The Issue

To address the growing negative perceptions that the public has of the City and those that work in it

The impact of City Giving Day

"City Giving Day is just what the City has been waiting for'' (Matt Sparkes , Linklaters)

Uniting the City

222 companies took part

A massive difference

Benefiting more than 300 charities

Engagement with the top

86% had senior management involvement

City Giving Day Highlights

The Objective

To demonstrate to the City, the community and employees how they are operating responsibly and the positive impact that business has on society and the communities in which they operate

The BIG Idea

One unique day to showcase the good that the City is doing.

Through celebrating and showcasing the philanthropic and volunteering achievements and encourage others to get involved.

Taking place in foyers, receptions, canteens and meeting rooms as well as out in the community through, in offices, in the community.

As well as showcasing the amazing charitable and community work they are doing and the difference they are making and lives they are changing, many also help recruit new volunteers, launch new initiatives and raise funds.

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