The Issue

Despite statements and pronouncements by organisations, leaders and ‘allies’ since the moment in
2020 and an initial bump, progress towards race equality has once again stalled and can be summed up
by the following frustrated statement ‘’I am so angry, we have lost the opportunity for real change’’.
What has become clear is to restore momentum, it has to be Everyone Business. Everyone must take
responsibility for driving that critical cultural shift.
However, our busy day-to-day lives means, even if the will is there we’re often time-short and too
distracted to do as much as we’d like. To tackle this we co-create the 5 Day Challenge
With its convenient bite-size format, the 5-Day Challenge enables everyone to create meaningful change
– in just five minutes a day.

The impact of the 5 Day Challenge

February 2023 saw the 5-Day Challenge play a key role in 2023’s Race Equality Week. This is what
participants had to say:


thought the 5-Day Challenge would have an impact on race inequality in their organisation


think it will help people commit to tackling race inequality


would like further challenges

The Objective

To help everyone play their part in the journey towards race equality, by giving them a simple yet effective way to contribute.

The BIG Idea

The premise is simple:

  • 5 challenges
  • Take 5 minutes each
  • Over 5 days

To self-reflect and commit to action to drive greater race equality. It’s something we can all find time to
do – and that’s the beauty of it.

Over the five working days of Race Equality Week, participants downloaded a 5-minute Challenge every
day. Each one featured ‘eye-opener’ questions, a choice of answers, plus a selection of actions to

Daily Challenges

Day 1: What part do you play in tackling race inequality?
Day 2: Could you be unknowingly committing microaggressions? What could you do to put an end to them?
Day 3: Do you pronounce everyone’s name correctly? How can you make sure you do in the future?
Day 4: Are you anti-racist? What can you do to be more than ‘not racist’?
Day 5: The Big Promise. Make a commitment to taking action to end inequity and inequality.

Each day’s Challenge invited self-reflection and explained why the questions and actions were
important, often through short videos. One the final day, participants committed to an action that
would support the drive for race equality. The result? Thousands of people actively working to create a
better world.

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