Bringing together non profits and corporates

Creating solutions to social issues through the power of collaboration

”If we delay today, what will those who need our help say?”

The Collaboratory is a catalyst for a movement of social innovation. It brings together specialised skills from the commercial and not-for-profit organisations, allowing both sides to work together to come up with solutions that tackle the problems that really matter.

The Collaboratory is where we take on not for profits and society’s BIGGEST problems to make a real ‘impact.’


Take a local or global problem + Expert skillsets + The Collaboratory methodology = Creating solutions that make a real impact

Making an Impact Through Action

We believe that the most important step in fueling change is #actionnotwords.

We have made it happen… linking the right people together and putting in place
the key pieces we have been able to help solve problems that really matter.

This includes creating new campaigns, creating new interventions to help those charities are trying to help, creating mass movements of change and helping create funding and income streams for the future,

Click here to read about the impact of  just a few of the collaborations that are helping to create a better world

The reason we do this is because we genuinely believe that #peoplematter

Whether that is helping to save lives, end suffering, give hope, end exclusion and isolation, create inclusion or giving some a chance in life they never had – The Collaboratory needs you!

Making a real impact !

Don't just take our word for it

Have a solution? Have a challenge? or would like to find out more?

If you are a corporation or not for profit that would like to become part of The Collaboratory, then contact us today to discover how we can make it happen!

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